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Byota is a selection of elegant yet sophisticated home objects. Digitally crafted and locally 3D-printed in Jakarta, byota design family is inspired by the intricate pattern and texture found in nature.

Exploring sustainable digital craft and fabrication technology into everyday life in Indonesia.


Anadara Vase 73

Byota IDR 180,000 (0)

Anadara Vase 96

Byota IDR 220,000 (0)

Anadara Vase 102

Byota IDR 240,000 (0)

Cilia Vase 43

Byota IDR 120,000 (0)

Cilia Vase 53

Byota IDR 0 (0)

Cilia Vase 78

Byota IDR 200,000 (0)

Alluka Vase 107

Byota IDR 240,000 (0)