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Kanva opened another Pop-Up Store with different look. Kanva Home & Living with 30+ local brands partners are joining MiCasa, a Home Living; Culinary; and Exotic Pet Market by AlaCasa. This event was held for 4 days from June 9th – June 12th 2022. This time, Kanva colaborating with Waltz Decor to layout and decorate the booth. 

Our pop-up store offers customer a wide-range of home goods not only from our website, but there are also special limited products that can only be found at MiCasa event. Offering wide-range collection of fragrance collection, storage, wall décor, accessories, wearable stuff and event furniture like foldable chair and table from 30+ local brand across Indonesia, we once again want to create a one-stop home goods shopping experience for our beloved customer.

Some of our partners that joined us this time are Namdes, Sabbun, Florali, Kelire, Sudut Gala, Esscentials, Qreate, Kiyo+, Plastik Kembali, Klei & Clay, Artsy Craft, Ataya Furnishing, Botanical Essentials, Crafterina, Daur Goods, Flip & Pour, Fragrande, Kendelogy, Kind By Kami, Moktika Soap, Marmaro, Manawa, Lacedream Macrame, Pepper Secret, The Good Wife Supply, Zenjiwa and many more.

This is our first Pop-Up store in 2022 since our last pop-up store in November-December 2021. Eventhough it’s only four days, but we really enjoying every process and every journey! We are super excited to meet a lot of #TemanKanva ! Not only that, we’re also so proud because so many of our customers are very supportive and excited to buy and talk about our local products. 

We cannot wait to open another pop-up store and bring to showcase not only the most high quality curated local product, but also sharing the stories behind every each of our local brand partner! We hope that Kanva will continue to grow and soon be #TemanKanva's No.1 solution for home goods shopping and to be a place where local brands can grow together as well. 


Our booth: 


Amazing #TemanKanva: 


Some of the offered local home goods: