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LAROSA was born because of the owner's love for plants which was then inspired to build a pot business for these plants. Fun fact, the brand name was created because of the owner's name LAROSALA, and ROSA (rose flower). LAROSA POT sells; Terrazzo pots made of crushed marble/terrazzo and colored cement, cement (concrete) pots made of a mixture of cement and sand, and terracotta (clay) pots made of twisted clay


Larosa Pot IDR 475,000 - IDR 575,000 (0)

Concrete-Silinder Without Wood Stand

Larosa Pot IDR 115,000 - IDR 225,000 (0)

Wood Stand Silinder

Larosa Pot IDR 105,000 (0)

Concrete-Kubus Without Iron Stand

Larosa Pot IDR 115,000 (0)

Iron Stand Kubus

Larosa Pot IDR 165,000 (0)


Larosa Pot IDR 175,000 (0)


Larosa Pot IDR 95,000 (0)

Terracotta-Donat Tumpuk

Larosa Pot IDR 35,000 - IDR 135,000 (0)


Larosa Pot IDR 185,000 (0)

Standing Rattan

Larosa Pot IDR 175,000 - IDR 195,000 (0)

Rustic Botol

Larosa Pot IDR 275,000 (0)