Kanva X Biogesic Happiness Edugame


Kanva x Biogesic Happiness Edugame


Time spent with family and your loved ones is never wasted, don’t you agree?


Kanva team-up with the long established yet credible paracetamol brand Biogesic to bring back the smile throughout your family and your loved ones with Kanva x Biogesic Happiness Edugame!


In these uncertain times, we knew that you need something fun and entertaining, so we came up with this exciting game!


What excitement do we bring? YES, we bring you not only an ordinary snake and ladder game, but also an edugame where you can play and learn at the same time!


Little you can learn so many things with this edugame! Starting from learning how to count, patience, increase their confidence, and even they can develop their gross motoric skills!


Benefits for the family and loved ones? No worries, we have special challenges to tie up tight your family relationship!


So what are you waiting for? Find the excitement now with adding Kanva x Biogesic Happiness Edugame to your cart!


Ps. The game comes with a compact pouch so it can be stored without taking up many spaces at your place. And you can bring the game anywhere even in your small bag!


#KanvaxBiogesic #BikinTenangKeluarga



Board Game 50 x 50 cm

Pouch 8 x 16 cm



BSY for the board game

Real wood for the dice and pawns

Calico for the pouch


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IDR 199,000

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