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Maharani Handicraft is an exporter offering unique and premium crafts that work as ‘jewelry for the home’. Consumers can find home decor and accessories in natural materials such as stone, metal, wood that have been created using hand-made techniques. The resulting style can be described as ‘precious, delicate and mysterious’, but Maharani Craft is also not afraid to be chunky and rough, especially in its desk ranges.
Since 29 October 2005 CV. Maharani has been a producer and exporter company of accessories, silver jewelries in ethnic and contemporary design, then crossed over to Home, bringing with you the creativity, fashion sense and precious techniques that are typical of jewelry and that have formed your signature also in Home.
Maharani works with more less 10 of producer groups in and around Bali. With them, we have had a long-standing relationship from the time we were engaged in jewelry, some are more recent. We are trying to build longer-term partnership based on mutual benefits. We are trying to explore materials and techniques with the craftsmen and women, to see if design can help us develop more and better markets.
We are keen to learn from buyers what values are appreciated by them and to what extent we can work along with them in adding new values to our identity. This far, our identity states: Using jewelry technique to natural material to be more precious